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Turn your dream
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Inclusive unique experiences

Maestro Global Travel is proud to be one of Australia's leading providers of inclusive travel experiences, creating memorable journeys for all, regardless of ability.

Different abilities can add different complexities to travel, from travelling with a life saving mobility device, to passing through customs with oxygen tanks. By booking with Maestro Global Travel, the behind the scenes pieces are taken care of - special assistance requests on aircrafts, booking seats for service animals, and ensuring properties and experiences are suitable for your abilites.

For yourself or for your participants, Maestro Global Travel is able to curate customised travel journeys for both independent travellers and providers creating unique respite experiences.

Get in touch with our team today to find out more about how you can start planning your next journey.

24/7 Assistance Line
Local: 1300 696 237
Overseas: +61 2 9053 0929
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