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Your 2020 Guide to Winter Queenstown

With winter just around the corner, now is the time to start planning your winter getaway. Your don't have to go too far to experience an epic winter. Just across the ditch is a spectacular spot to spend skiing and snowboarding in the cooler months; Queenstown.

Queenstown main city on dusk.

Getting to Queenstown

There are two standout ways to dive straight into the ski fields of Queenstown, and neighbouring Wanaka, you could fly straight in, or take a 6-hour road trip south of Christchurch. Flying into Christchurch, form most Australian capital cities is often about half the price of flights into Queenstown, and there are more options for direct flights too. However the cost of car hire and the 12-hour round trip in the car needs factored in too.

It is quicker to fly straight in, but often more expensive. Although there are direct flights, many do connect through Christchurch, giving you some time to explore other parts on New Zealand on your journey.

Onsen Hot Pools set in the mountains.

What to do in Queenstown at winter time

From ski fields, to hot springs, nightlife and world-class dining, there is no shortage of ways you can experience Queenstown. Some must-do's include zip-lining over the town with ZipTrek EcoTours, taking a dip at the Onsen Hot Pools, tasting world-renowned Fergburger, and attending the Queenstown Winter Festival, held in mid-June for 4 days.

DoubleTree by Hilton Queenstown.

Where to Stay

Queenstown is a very walkable little town, making it especially easy if your stay central to the city. This is also a great spot if you're into nightlife and don't mind busy streets in the wee hours, as eager dinners and bar goers experience all the 150+ eateries Queenstown has on offer.

For a slower-paced journey, mountain view and lakeside lodges, the south of the bay along Peninsula Road is the place to be. Boasting luxury accomodations that overlooks the iced Frankston Arm, here you'll find a variety of private residences, as well as DoubleTree by Hilton.

Snow bunnies rejoice, come wintertime, Queenstown has a number of ski resorts with prime access to the fresh powder. Amongst one of the most popular, The Remarkables Ski Resort, popular for of it's beginner to expert trails. For the more advanced snow lovers, Coronet Peak is a favourite for its rollercoaster-like slopes. Otago Ski Club is the place to go, but be sure to book in advance, as it's prime location is a magnet, but it's intimately sized lodge only has room for so many. If you're planning on staying for 10+ nights, an annual membership is recommended as it will significantly cut down your accomodation costs.

The Remarkables, a popular snow-sport spot 35 minutes outside Queenstown.

Why you should take your winter getaway in Queenstown

Just a short flight from the Australian east coast, Queenstown is perfect for a weekend or an entire week away. With something for everyone, be it restaurants and bars, high-adrenaline thrills or just playing in the snow, Queenstown is a great spot to dip your toe in the snow, especially for the first time. From advanced snow sport to beginners, no one needs to be left out from the action.

Already been to Queenstown for a snow season? Comment below your favourite thing to experience in the snow.

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