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Top Travel Destinations 2022

2022 brings a much welcome change to the travel landscape! As the world opens up again, get ready to rediscover these incredible travel destinations.

Lapland Lapland Finald is quickly becoming one of the hottest holiday destinations in Finland. What was once a snowy, Arctic region known for spectacular summers has recently exploded among Asians, Europeans, and North Americans looking for the perfect place to celebrate Christmas in Finland.

Singapore This tiny island off the southern most tip one of Malaysia's northen islands is home to an incredible food culture that must not be missed. From Michelin starred street food vendors to the most exclusive dining spots, Singapore has food for every budget that does not dissapoint. Don't miss the Maxwell food centre and Chinatown Hawker centre, if you can spare the change, Odette is a must dine!

Maldives The maldives, a colleciton of more than a thousand islands is the Indian Ocean, is known for its clear emerald waters, beautiful beaches that stretch as far as the eye can see, and of course, luxurious overwater bungalows.

Thailand With a luxuriously long coastline (actually, two coastlines) and over 1400 jungle - topped islands anchored in azure waters, Thailand is a tropical getaway fit for everyone, whether hedonist or hermit, prince or pauper. The countrys coast is one giant playground, with plenty going on wherever the sand meets the sea. You can snorkel the gentle waters off Ko Lipe, dive with whale sharks around Ko Tao, scale the sea cliffs off Krabi, kiteboard in Hua Hin, party on Ko - Phi Phi and recuperate at a health resort on Koh Samui.

New York Long island and upstate New York - generally accepted as anywhere north of the NYC metro area shouldnt be missed. Long island has cozy beach towns, while upstate is a dream destination for those who cherish the great outdoors. The hudson river valley acts as an escape route from the city, leading eager sojourners north. From albany, the 524 - mile Erie canal cuts due to west to Lake Erie, passing spectacular Niagara Falls, Buffalo and Rochester. In the east you'll find the St Lawerance River and its thousands of islands, as well as the magnificent Adirondack and Catskills mountains. Head to the middle of the state and you'll be ensconced into the serene Finger Lakes.

Queensland Seven times the size of Great Britin and two and a half times the size of Texas, Queensland is a geographic behemoth. No other Australian state matches its natural diversity, an impressive collection of 27 bioregions supporting over 1000 ecosystem types, from rainforests and wetlands, to sacannas, dry tropics, ranglands and the coast. Five of Australia's eleven World heritage - listed natural sites are found here, including the world wonder that is the Great Barrier Reef. Speckled across these spectacular landscapes is a string of vibrant cities and laid - back towns, from sophisticated Brisbane and glam of the Gold Coast, to the laid back coastal chic of Noosa and Port douglas.

New Zealand There are just 4.8 million New Zealanders, scattered across 268,021 sq km: bigger than the UK with one - fourteenth of the population. Filling the gaps are the sublime forests, mountains, lakes, beaches and fjords that have made NZ one of the best hiking (locals call it 'tramping') destinations on the planet. Tackle one of the epic 'Great Walks' = you might've heard of the Heaphy and Milford tracks - or spend a few hours wandering along a beach, paddling a canoe or mountain biking through some easily accessible wilderness.

Paris the cloud - peircing, wrought - iron Eiffel Tower, broad Arc de triomphe gaurding the gamorous avenue des champs - Elysees, flying buttressed Notre Dame cathedral, lamplit bridges spanning the Seine and art nouveau cafes' wicker chair lined terraces are enduring Parisian emblems. Despite initial appearances, Paris' cityscape isn't static: there are some stunning modern and contemporary icons, too from the inside out. Industrial style centre Pompidou to the mur vegetal (vertical garden) gracing the Musee Du Quai Branly, the glass sails of the foundation Louis Vuitton contemporary art centre, and the gleaming steel - egged shaped concert venue La Seine Musicale.

Germany There's something undeniably artisitc in the way Germany's scenery unfolds; the corrugated, dune fringed coasts of the north; the moody forests, romantic river valleys and vast vineyards of the centre; and the off-the-charts spendour of the Alps, carved into rugged glory by glaciers and the elements. all of these are integral parts of the magical natural matrix thats bound to give your camera batteries a good workout. Get off the highway and into the great outdoors to soak up the epic landscapes that make ach delicious, slow, winding mile so precious.

Iceland An underpopulated ilans marooned near the top of the globe, iceland is, litterally a country in the making. Its vast volcanic laboratory where mighty forces shape the earth: geysers gush, mudpots gloop, ice covered volcanoes rumble and glaciers cut great pathways through the mountains. It's supercharged splendour seems designed to remind visitors of their utter insignificance in the greater scheme of things. And it works a treat: some crisp clean air, an eyeful of the cinematic landscapes, and everyone is fixated.

Bali Bali's rich culture and many amazing sights are what takes Bali's sheer delight to another level. Bali has something for everyone, from ultra-luxe private serviced villas, to budget backpackers, you’ll find your travel style here. Seminyak has shops and designers, Kerobokan has luxe beachside resorts and superb eating, Kuta and Legian have crazy nightlife, and Canggu wraps it all into one complete package, with all things Balinese culture and history. Plunge deep into Bali's spirit whilst renewing your own in Ubud or catching the perfect wave in Bingin. You name it, it's here.

Florida Maybe there's no mystery to what makes the Florida peninsula so intoxicating. Beaches as fine and sweet as powdered sugar, warm waters, rustling mangroves: all conspire to melt our workaday selves. We come to Florida to let go - of worries and winter, of inhibitations, even of reality. Some desire a beachside gateway of swimming, seafood and sunsets. Others seek the hedonism of South Beach, spring break or key west. Some want birding and wildlife spotting, with gators, manatees and the elusive spoonbill. Others will love themselves within the fantasy realms of Walt Disney World and Orlando's other theme parks.

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