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7 Free Things to do in Singapore

Known around the world for it’s ultramodern and somewhat futuristic city, Singapore is almost synonymous as being a travel destination with a hefty price tag. Although this can be the case, with peak seasons, luxurious accomodations and busy attractions, there is so much to explore in Singapore that doesn’t cost the earth.


Funan Mall Urban Farm - Rooftop Edible Garden

Recently revamped, and reopened in July 2019, Funan Mall has a special secret edition tucked away right on the rooftop, and entirely edible garden and leisure space. Located on level 7 is 18,000 square feet of greenspace overlooking much of the city. Head up here for great views, a place to relax and rewind, or somewhere to take the kids to stretch their legs and play. Did we mention there’s a few rooftop trampolines too?


Walk Clarke Quay

Just inland from Marin Bay, and lining the Singapore River lies Clarke and Robertson Quay. Day or night, their river location and vibrant nightlife make a little wander down the river just incredible. On the southern side of the river, you can relax by the steps in the shade of the Central Mall, and on the northern side, you can take plenty of colourful holiday snaps against the rainbow backdrops of the Old Hill Street Police Station and the Clarke Quay riverside dining district.


Visit Library @ Orchard

For a break from all things fast paced, taking some time at the library is not only peaceful and serene but the break taking interior design of the library itself is quite easy on the eye and makes for some great photos too. Feel free to pick out a book or just wander through enjoying the air-conditioning, a welcome break from the busy streets outside.


Explore Haji Lane

Located a little way out of the city is this colourful hip and almost hidden little laneway, home to numerous boutiques, trendy cafes and coffee shops. Haji Lane is free to visit and highly recommended for colourful and funky photos against the graffitied lane walls, and under the many hanging art installations strung between the buildings.


Dive into Little Arabia

On you way into Haji Lane, you will have passed through what is known as Little Arabia, another major ethnic hub. Streets are filled with colours and smells that make wandering around an experience in itself. Little Arabia is huge and it’s easy to get lost, but this time lose yourself and follow the locals, there are so many hidden gems of architecture, culture and history to be discovered.


Watch the Garden Rhapsody

Every night at 7:45pm and 8:45pm, the Supertree Grove at Gardens by the Bay comes to life during the Garden Rhapsody, a sound and light show that brings colour and soul into the trees. The show is entirely free and ever popular, and although there are no formal seating, best in the Supergrove 45 minutes before the show starts to secure a good spot to sit along the garden’s edge.


Attend in Mass at St Andrews

Mass runs daily at 9am at St Andrews Cathedral, and the church remains open during mass. Travellers are welcomes to attend mass, or you’re able to take just a glimpse at the impressive structure from the back doors.


Seeing the sights doesn't have to be as expensive as many may make it out to be. A lot of the best experiences and things to do in Singapore in reality are free.

Is there something we've missed? We'd love to know if there are any more free hidden things to see and do in Singapore that we haven't covered above.


All images used above were taken by Maestro Global Travel staff, are property of Loca Trancendit Pty Ltd, and are not to be used without written permissions.

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