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5 Must know travel tips before travelling to Singapore

Heading to Singapore soon? Here's our top 5 travel tips to make the most of your journey to Singapore.


The city is huge, and transport readily available.

Download the Grab Taxi App

Much like Uber in Australia, Grab works pretty well the same, however is more predominantly used throughout Asia. Although Singapore does have a heavy presence of Uber drivers, many of them also Grab drivers, you’ll find Grab may be slightly cheaper and it’s what the locals use too. Tourists recognise the Uber name, and drivers tend to get away with charging more simply because those tourists don’t know of any alternative. The city is huge so you will need transport, save some money and download the Grab Taxi app before you go.


View of the Cloud Dome from the skyway above.

Pick your experiences before your hotel

Walking the city and travelling like a local is hands down the best way to see any new destination, but if you think you’re going to be able to see all the sights of Singapore on foot, think again. The city and it’s surrounding areas are deceivingly huge. A walk from Marina Bay to the Quays can take you anywhere from 20-25 minutes, not to mention the couple of kms you’ll be on your feet too. Knowing what you’d like to see and do, before choosing your hotel location will help greatly in allowing you to explore most of what you don’t want to miss on foot, leaving the rest for day trips by car or MRT.


There is Good getting lost and Bad getting lost, and a very fine line between the two...

Stay connected

Singapore was colonised by the British, so the English language is fairly commonplace on streets, maps and signs, but like any new destination, if you don’t know where you’re headed, it’s very easy to get lost. Before travelling, check out your options for staying connected, either by using international roaming on your mobile, or purchasing a Singaporean sim card when you arrive. For arrivals into Changi, there are few sim card providers waiting in the arrivals hall, however it may be easier and cheaper to prebook your sim card for pick up using and app like Klook.


7 Eleven's are virtually on every street corner.

Book or Buy Breakfast

People in Singapore stay out beyond late, which means they’re also late to wake the following day. Much of the city, including cafes and restaurants, won’t open until around 11am, so if you are an early riser and can’t wait for breakfast, it’s best to organise breakfast with your hotel or explore what options 7 Eleven might have. If you decide to do breakfast at the hotel, be sure to organise a breakfast included room or rate when booking your hotel, as it’s not uncommon for you to arrive and the cost of breakfast at the hotel doubles. Save and book breakfast before!


Maxwell Food Centre at 11am vs 12:30pm.

Know when to avoid popular places

As the city rises late, businesses, restaurants and cafes open late, peak hour is also slightly different than you may expect. Standard work hours are 10am - 7pm, so if you can help it, avoid the MRT between 9-10am and 7-8pm. Office workers and constructions labourers usually take their lunch break around 12-1pm, and you can be certain they’re heading for their local hawker centre, best to avoid the lunch rush as well and dine before or after. For many of the main attractions like Gardens by the Bay, Merlion, and the Singapore Flyer, go early in the morning, earliest you can. Not only does the day get hot quickly and you want to avoid seeing sights in the sticky heat, but many tourists hit the hot spots about an hour or 2 after they open, after all, they’re on holidays, there’s no rush.


And there you have it, to make your trip as enjoyable and memorable as possible, 5 things I wish I knew before travelling to Singapore.

Have you visited Singapore before and know of some extra handy hints we’ve missed? We’d love to know you’re recommendations on how to best experience this futuristic city.


All images used above were taken by Maestro Global Travel staff, are property of Loca Trancendit Pty Ltd, and are not to be used without written permissions.

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