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Maestro Global Travel is a leading force in exclusive business and leisure travel, creating unique experiences for clients nationally. 


Maestro Global allows time-poor professionals and SME business owners, to step outside of their business and careers, to enjoy world-class end-to-end experiences, without compromising on their sales, income or business performance.


Utilising the Transcendent Travel Blueprint, Maestro’s team, the Travel Concierge, create luxurious travel memories that last long after their clients’ journey ends.


The Unique Experience Experts and Luxury Destination Specialists at Maestro Global start with the end in mind; covering all of the sights, sounds, tastes, and immersion in culture, bringing together the client’s travel vision by enhancing experiences and exceeding expectations.

Working end-to-end, taking care of everything from exclusive destination insights, authentic experiences, Michelin star restaurants, behind the scenes tours, and localised expertise, the Maestro Global Travel team are changing the face of traditional travel experiences.

If you’re ready to take a break from your career or your business, to see and experience the world, but simply cannot afford to lose time, sales, income or business performance, click HERE to request your FREE 20-minute Creation Session, where you’ll learn just how you can have the best of both worlds, without compromising one for the other.

Flights and Luxury Aviation
Clients have access to simple point-to-point flights through to luxury flying experiences, without compromising on value. Maestro treats the entire airport transit journey like our own, taking care of transfers, visas, preferred setting and lounge access. Our collection of private jets and helicopters are always on hand to make our clients’ transit even more seamless, personal and unforgettable.
Iconic Hotels and Resorts
Our clients are invited to share in our exquisite hotel collection, hand-picked to ensure one-of-a-kind experiences for every guest. Partnerships with chosen hotels allow Maestro to secure first-class amenities, experiences and upgrades, exclusively for clients. Reviewed frequently, our collection is dynamic, enabling clients to enjoy from the best in the industry.
Private Islands
The best of the collection is composed of our pristine private islands, offering clients the most personal accommodation experience available. From branded PR trips, staff holidays to family retreats, each of the private islands in our offering has something different to ensure our clients an unmatched and ever-memorable journey.
Yacht Charter
With compliments to the world’s most picturesque locations is our portfolio of private yachts for all occasions. Sailing boats to luxury liners, our sophisticated collection unlocks a whole new world of splendour and travel tranquillity to be enjoyed. Our clients take a front row seat for priceless views of Moroccan coastlines, the Greek Islands and African sunsets, aboard impeccably crafted and tastefully-appointed charter vessels.
Events and Experiences
With an industry-first database and expert destination knowledge, Maestro arranges exclusive access to otherwise impossible experiences. During Maestro’s Travel Vision Session, the client’s journey begins to transform into one to remember, with inclusions like tickets to Run The Great Wall, personal cooking lessons from culinary legends, and reservations to hard to access restaurants. Our clients are delivered remarkable service and experiences, that enhance and intensify valued holiday time.
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Maestro Global Travel are Australia’s elite Business and Leisure Travel Concierge, changing the face of travel with new approaches to creating unique experiences, and adding value to the lives of more than 200+ professionals and SME business owners every year.


Founded by Unique Experience Expert, Jae-Molly Manickum, Maestro Global Travel emerged out of an exasperation with the services available to allow time-poor professionals and business owners to plan and book incredible travel experiences, without forgoing on their own businesses and performance.

Today, we are proud to be named as Australia’s leading Experience Experts and Luxury Destination Specialists, with the executive team alone drawing on over 1600+ days of international first-hand travel experience, across more than 50+ countries.



Unique Experience Expert, and Co-Founder of Maestro Global

With years of experience creating exceptional travel in a variety of settings from corporate to leisure, Jae sought to synthesise and articulate the technique used to produce the perfect travel experience that is repeatable, yet personal.


By investing time at every opportunity and studying how people process and retain memories, Jae concluded that the most vivid, most memorable and most unimaginable travel stories, all possessed two outstanding factors, ease and experience of the journey. The task was no longer to create unforgettable holidays, but to ensure every second of the journey was thought out, intentional and most memorable.


From this investment of time came the Transcendent Travel Blueprint. Maestro’s team of Luxury Destination Experts and Unique Experience Specialists follow this Blueprint, to seamlessly hand-craft some of the most memorable experiences, again with the finesse of a Luxury Travel Agent with the virtuosity of a Maestro Composer.

So amazing dealing with you, Jae. I most certainly will recommend you to my friends. Thanks.


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