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5 Experiences you must not miss in Tokyo

One of Japan's biggest hubs for welcoming travellers all over the world, Tokyo is home to a plethora of incredible activities you just won't find any where else in the world. Wether you're staying for a week or just passing through for the day, here are just a few of the best things to experience while you're here.


Watch the Sumo Wrestler Training

Sumo wrestlers are synonymous with Japan and Japanese culture. Be sure to meet some of the real men in action during our trip to Tokyo. If you're visiting at the right time of year, you might be treated to watching some of the country's national sumo wrestling, but if not, you can see what hard work sumos really put in, by sitting in on a training session, year-round.


Kart the open roads

Except for maybe at home with your Nintendo Wii, there is no where else you can ride the streets dressed head-to-toe as your favourite Mario Kart character. There are a few local operators who have brought this to life for us. With an International Drivers Permit, you too can kart the busy streets of Tokyo, passing icons like the Sky Tree, Tokyo Station, and more!


Catch a show at the Robot Restaurant

Fruits of the Japanese technological labour, robots are weird and wonderful creatures that can be found in all corners of Tokyo, often performing rather odd and menial tasks. One of these, is serving your dinner, doing a bit of a dance and shooting light beams - what's better than a neon, disco-dancing waiter that doesn't need tipping? All in good fun, dining at a Robot Restaurant is something you're sure not to forget Tokyo by.


Taste the local delights in Piss Alley

Charmingly named, Piss Alley is a tiny hidden alleyway lined with even tinnier local restaurants, often only seating up to 6 people at a time. During the day, you can catch many of the chefs preparing for the night rush along with travellers and avid street photographers making the most of the light, but once the sun sets, Piss Alley turns into a wild hub of fresh local food and flowing drinks.


People-Watch at Shibuya's Scramble Crossing

One of the busiest crossings in the world! Shibuya Scramble Crossing is a massive 5-way crossing, that has been known to have up to 3000 people cross at one time. It's incredible to watch, even more incredible to be a part of, and luckily, there's a two-story Starbucks right on the corner with an epic viewing frontage.


Tokyo is home to an indescribable fusion of old with new, and culture with technology. These 5 top experiences hardly scratch the surface of what Tokyo has to offer, but is the best place to start!

Have you recently visited Tokyo and experienced something we've left off the list? Reach out to us below, we'd love to find out more of what this city has to offer.

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