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Why you should always book a luxury hotel...

Updated: Sep 22, 2019

The C65 Studio Suite at Hotel ICON, Hong Kong.

When it comes to choosing your accommodation in some of the world’s dreamiest destinations it can be hard to compare whether to go with the cheaper options or whether to spoil yourself on something a little bit fancy.

You’re caught weighing up an apartment over a luxury hotel, a 5 minute walk over a 5km drive, and justifying costs with “we will only be in the room to sleep anyway!”.

Here’s why you should always go with a bit of a fancier option. It really pays to pay sometimes!

Places to stay in Tokyo
Not even a spot of dust in the Modern Japanese Suite at The Ritz-Carlton Tokyo – voted one of the cleanest cities in the world.

We are accustomed to our hygienic home comforts and expect the same on holidays.

If we haven’t experienced it, we’ve sure heard of it. Mould in the shower, unchanged bed sheets, stain covered floors, damp smelling carpet, and the list goes on. These are just some of the characteristics that often make for a poor hotel experience.

Imagine this, you’ve flown all the way to Tokyo and booked a rinky dink serviced apartment, so that you’re able to cook your own meals and not have to get take out and have a little more room than a standard hotel room. Fresh off your long haul flight, you arrive at your accommodation to realise, the kitchen cupboards have traces of cockroach “leavings” and the shower head has got limescale growing, “but the price was right!”.

Was it?

Are you going to cook your meals in an infested kitchen? Shower in dirty shower? That’s just enough to ruin the whole experience! By budgeting for and booking a luxury hotel, you can count on immaculate rooms, free from mould, pests and germs!

Where to stay in Paris
The Signature Eiffel Suite at Hotel Plaza Athenee is undeniably the best spot to watch the sunset over the Eiffel Tower.

We have a vision of our holiday in mind and don’t want to be disappointed

You’re going to Paris because you want to see the Eiffel Tower right? Every lady wants to be living the dream of bursting out of her little apartment onto her Parisian balcony and feel the sun shine on her face as she gazes over to the Eiffel Tower… Carrie Bradshaw made a perfect example of this.

“Close to attractions” does not always mean you’ll get the experience you’re after – in fact you could almost bet on disappointment, it’s that commonly misused!

So how can you avoid that?

Let’s be clear, the hotels surrounding these gorgeous attractions would have paid a premium for their spot in a prime location – a spot that the below average hotel chain certainly can’t afford. In these spots you will find stunning hotels bursting out on their doorsteps to bend over backwards for you.

To avoid looking out the window to see the side of another building, or maybe a spec of what is supposed to be the Eiffel Tower, really think about what you’re wanting from this holiday and make sure you’ve got a professional that understands that dream too. It pays to stay where you want, and not where you think you want.

We actually do spend more time in the room than we say we will

“There’s so much to do we’ll only be in the room to sleep!” Oh the naivety. We all plan to really get out and experience the destination, but the truth is sometimes we just go on holidays to relax! Some days will be spent just lounging around in the hotel room with a food delivery on it’s way, might as well make it nice and comfortable, right? Especially with kids! With midday naps and feeds at all hours your room really does matter.

Compared to most mid-range hotels, a luxury hotel will almost always be larger, have better in-room amenities, as well as better hotel facilities in general. More about why choosing a better hotel is worth the money below….

Luxury accomodation Maldives
Extra space and a stunning view is a minimum when staying in the Water Villas at Cheval Blanc Randheli Maldives

Size actually matters

Coming back to the “only here to sleep” argument, the size of your room actually does matter. Despite resistance, your room will be more than just a space to store bags and sleep. Some room to stretch out, a lounge and TV are common essentials when booking your stay, but upgrading to a bigger room that includes all this plus more, really makes the difference.

Learn from my experience! With an absolute plethora of things to see and do in Hong Kong, I made the excuse ( …and mistake!) of booking a small room, in a back alley hotel, because I was going to be so preoccupied with attractions and nightlife, I’d barely be in the room! Boy was I wrong. Imagine your standard hotel amenities; bed, storage, bathroom, somewhere to sit etc, now squish that all into 13 square meters. HUGE Mistake. My room was working with me fine for the first few days… that was until illness struck. Then I had three days, bedridden, in this shoebox.

My room went from being a great budget-friendly option to a tiny torture chamber much too fast. Learn my lesson without making my mistake: take the hotel with the bigger room and better amenities over the smaller, cheaper option ALWAYS.

I’ll be honest, bigger isn’t always better, but when it comes to accommodation, think big, think huge, and then add some for good measure.

It may just be a few small things like cleanliness, space or location, but your hotel experience is essential what makes your holiday great! A couple hundred dollars for a few extra stars, and a far better experience will definitely lift the mood for the entire holiday.


For more tips and help finding the right hotel for your next journey, get in touch with the Travel Concierge by booking your FREE 20-minute Creation Call today.

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