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Is this the world’s most beautiful Eco-Lodge?

Not where you might expect to find it either...

Nestled away in the dense coastal trees of Tulum, just 2 hours south of Cancun, lies an idyllic array of 48 wooden-crafted artisan eco-villas.

Rising from the canopy are whimsical nest-like structures, meeting places for friends, family and loved ones to enjoy time in company.

Free from electricity . Free from distraction. Below treeline floats lengths of twisted wooden bridges, connecting the people to the villas, and the villas to the trees.

Azulik Eco-Lodge in Tulum, Mexico resides in an astonishingly beautiful spot. An incredible fusion of jungle-like structures built into the tropical trees and floating on rocks. High above the waves of the Carribean Sea. This exclusive adults-only eco-lodge takes modern day disconnection to the next level, allowing guests to reconnect with each other, with nature, and become in tune with themselves through spa and gastronomy.

Tulum Mexico
Free yoga classes daily in The Dome; built entirely from local and renewable woods.

The lodge is centred around four natural elements being earth, air, fire, and most important to the lodge; water. The element of water is present in every single experience guest encounter at Azulik. From entering the lobby to find waterways carved into the floors, to the tranquillity in design of the Spa Deck. All Azulik’s actions and projects are guided by passion to maintain the Mayan culture, for this reason, water holds significant value and is constantly flowing over and cleansing the grounds, as ancient Mayans would have practised.


As rated by guests, the best areas in the lodge would of course be the guest accommodations, or villas. Azulik has seven thoughtfully-built villa types, with a total of just 48 villas on the premises. Holding the four elements at heart, each villa category is named after nature; the  Aqua, Aztec, Jungle, Mayan, Moon, Sea and Sky Villas.

Experience nature in the Jungle Villas, set atop the trees, representative of the element, earth. Hidden in denser Mayan forest are the Jungle Villas, appointed with the luxurious master king bed, outdoor hot tub, and handmade Mayan mosaic bathtub. The villas ambiently channel balance and natural reconnection from the powerful energy of the surrounding trees. The Jungle Villas are all about simplicity and naturalness.

Tulum Mexico
Treehouse dreams inside of the Jungle Villa.

The Aqua Villa, of course, represents the water element. The villa itself is home to some of the most marvelled eco-art on the property and is built in a way to boost the flow of physical energy throughout. Contained within this villa is the luxurious master king bed, hand carved Mayan volcanic stone bathtub, indoor and outdoor dining spaces, and room for an in-room couples’ massage.

Eco Lodge Mexico
Tranquil. Grounding. The peaceful and luxurious Aqua Villa.

The Moon Villa is one of the most prestigious of all villas at Azulik, with every design feature focusing on the power of love. Much like the amenities within the Aqua Villa, the Moon Villa treats guest to the luxurious master king bed, hand carved Mayan volcanic stone bathtub, outdoor plunge pool overlooking the sea, private staircase to the beach, indoor and outdoor dining areas and private sea swing. Unique design of Moon Villas encourage communication and positive energy, exclusively between couples.

Azulik Mexico
Piece De Resistance. The Moon Villa.

The Sky Villa is the grandest representative of air, located by the gates of the East Gods on the property. As the highest accommodation at Azulik, the Sky Villa offers expansive views straight over the forest canopy and out to the Caribbean Sea. The room features a hanging Balinese bed and a hand crafted. Mayan mosaic bathtub carved from the trunk of a local tree.

Azulik Tulum
Fall asleep wo waves crashing and wake up to the Caribbean sunrise in the Sky Villa.


It’s hard to deny the fusion of simplicity and elegance, nature and luxury present throughout Azulik Eco Lodge. The accommodations at this property barely scratch the surface of genuine passion to preserve and maintain the Mayan culture.

The property is also home to a world-class spa, performing a variety of Mayan spa and relaxation techniques, a gastronomically experiential restaurant, and a series of Mysikal Wanders, designed to immerse guests into the destination, and into the Mayan culture that runs through these ancient lands.

Aside from the breath-taking surroundings and wonderfully appointed villas, Azulik guests staying in both Aqua and Moon Villas are treated to extra special services to make the experience even more remarkable. Luxury airport round-service transfers, 24/7 butler service and in-room couples massage, making the journey completely seamless.


Ready to reconnect with nature in its purest form? Get in touch with the Travel Concierge today for more information and to reserve your dates.

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